AB 1404 is Bad Medicine

Contact Your State Senator to tell them to vote “No” on AB 1404

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AB 1404 forces just one company – Kaiser Permanente – to publish online its pay scales for thousands of its physicians, including their base salary and retirement compensation. All under the threat of action by the Attorney General. 

No other health care organization is required to do such a thing. 

AB 1404 provides a roadmap for Kaiser Permanente competitors to recruit its doctors away. 

Even hospitals in other states would have the intelligence they need to encourage some doctors to leave California. 

That could disrupt timely access to health care for many Californians. 

And AB 1404 is extremely anti-competitive because it forces one private business to reveal how they compete for the best employees.

Take Action today to tell your Senator: No on AB 1404. Protect our health care. 

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